Newtownabbey Amateur Swimming Club

About Us


Newtownabbey swimming club was founded in 2000 under the name, "Valley Swimming Club". This was subsequently changed to Newtownabbey ASC in 2002 in order to be more inclusive of the borough as a whole. In addition the name change was more reflective of the support granted by Newtownabbey Borough Council.

Initially the club was an extension of the Council's Percy Patrol Swimming Scheme. It was felt by parents and teachers alike that once a child reached and achievevd the highest awards on the scheme there was a "dead end". The club, therefore enabled the child to continue in the sport into their teenage years with the added option of friendly competition.

As the club has evolved, swimmers from all areas with varying abilities, in addition to those further down the levels the Council's scheme are encouraged to join.


Newtownabbey ASC is affiliated to Swim Ulster as a non-competitive club. The underlying themes of enjoyment through skill development, improving fitness and taking part in friendly competition are central to the club's ethos.

Such friendly competitions usually take the form of Time Trials (emphasising self improvement) and galas agaianst other local "non-competitive clubs".

The club believes swimming can be a central part in the personal social and physical development of children. Swimming principles are also highly versatile and can be adapted to other sports and physical activities. This is illustrated in improved co-ordination, flexibility, strength and general fitness.

Psychologically the child will also gain confidence and discipline in addition to making new friends.